Hello folks.
I'm not very well today. ;^;
I'm sad, I have no will to do anything. I feel tired, even if I didn't do nothing.
I look at my monitor and stay thinking in random things. I try find something to do, to distract myself, to have some fun, but I don't find anything.
I don't wanna play, I don't wanna draw, I don't wanna watch anime, I don't wanna listen music, I don't wanna sleep, I don't wanna stay awake... I'm boring, and I think I'm getting a cold. >__<
I still have a lot of drawings to finish. T__T Today I did this
-- MiiyukiChan -- by *Nayume on deviantART
I don't like much the result, and scanner messed all. Waaah I'm so emo today. XD
It's 21:22 here, I'm sleepy, but I don't wanna sleep. Ok, I don't know what I want to do. T__T
And worst!! I was addicted to the game The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. I was playing, happy, but then... the game broke. I can't pass of that part, the game just shut down. "The Lord of the Rings War in the North encountered an error and needs to close". It's happen on Carn Dûm. ;_____; Before that, was working normal. ARGH.
Enough of blah blah for today. T__T
Good day/afternoon/night to all.

Steps of a chibi commission

I did a chibi commission, and I decided take some pictures of some steps.

Step 1: basic sketch


Here I start the head and the basic pose.

Step 2: adding hair and clothes


Here I add the face, hair and clothes.

Step 3: lineart


Here I make the lineart with 0.3 ink pen, then I erase the sketch. Sometimes I add another layer of lineart, the erase leaves the lines more weak.

Step 4: coloring


After the lineart, I start the coloring. I always start with the skin. XD

Step 5: still coloring


Sometimes I let the hair for the last, but it's not always. I'm really random.

Step 6: it's done!


I scan and edit a bit on Photoshop, because the scanner makes a mess!
And it's done, then I go post on my deviantArt. XDD
I hope you like it, see ya!


Hi hi!
I was thinking of doing a blog for personal/random things, wips, sketches, etc, and I remembered that I already have this old. <3 And I really like this one, I don't know why. XD So I will use this again. :3

Welcome to the new phase of my old blog! I hope you enjoy!


Tô fazendo um desenho que aparece no topo da página do site do Luna Online.
Quero tentar pintar parecido com aquele estilo. ;o;


Vou tentar fazer um background decente também. x_x Mas não sei se vai sair algo que preste.


Alistair é um jogo onde a protagonista é roubada num MMORPG, e ela descobre que quem roubou ela estuda no mesmo colégio que ela, então ela começa a tentar descobrir quem é. São três possibilidades, e três personagens lindos de babar. XD
São 5 finais, e eu já peguei os 5, hueashe. É muito fofo. ;;~ É um jogo curtinho, mas viciante. ♥
Abaixo, vou postar screens de umas cenas lindinhas, se não quiser spoiler, não veja.

Clique em "Read More". <3

AlistairのRead more▽

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