Steps of a chibi commission

I did a chibi commission, and I decided take some pictures of some steps.

Step 1: basic sketch


Here I start the head and the basic pose.

Step 2: adding hair and clothes


Here I add the face, hair and clothes.

Step 3: lineart


Here I make the lineart with 0.3 ink pen, then I erase the sketch. Sometimes I add another layer of lineart, the erase leaves the lines more weak.

Step 4: coloring


After the lineart, I start the coloring. I always start with the skin. XD

Step 5: still coloring


Sometimes I let the hair for the last, but it's not always. I'm really random.

Step 6: it's done!


I scan and edit a bit on Photoshop, because the scanner makes a mess!
And it's done, then I go post on my deviantArt. XDD
I hope you like it, see ya!


Hi hi!
I was thinking of doing a blog for personal/random things, wips, sketches, etc, and I remembered that I already have this old. <3 And I really like this one, I don't know why. XD So I will use this again. :3

Welcome to the new phase of my old blog! I hope you enjoy!

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